When 10 musicians is just not enough…

Too busy for more exhaustive blather, but here’s a quick note:


Tonight – 11/3/17 — is the night and Berkeley’s California Jazz Conservatory is the place. The great trumpeter/composer Ian Carey and I present lots of original music for our respective groups and then combine forces for 2 debut pieces for the collected 11-piece ensemble.


Tickets and full info here.


A preview from Berkeleyside scribe Andrew Gilbert here.


You can imagine how hard it is getting all of these in-demand players in one place at one time, so you know this may be a one-time thing! Why miss it and risk the cruel mockery of your peers and community? What better way to spend a fall evening than with an espresso (or your drink of choice) and live music at the California Jazz Conservatory?


Also, I’m happy to report that a film project featuring an original score by yours truly and my musical partner in crime Kristina Dutton was awarded runner-up in the ‘Scientific Merit Award’ category at the Imagine Film Festival (for the film that “best exemplifies science in storytelling and narrative filmmaking in a compelling, credible and inspiring manner”). Congrats to Nipam Patel. Go, squid(s), go!


Up next:


Probably news re: a new ensemble and hopefully some more news for my ongoing film music collaboration with Kristina.