Watch Some New Music

For those who missed the live streamed premiere of Unsolitary II on May 5th, you can catch it on YouTube now.

Set 1: Kim Nucci

Set 2: Lewis Jordan & Karl Evangelista (16:15)

Set 3: Nathan Clevenger Trio w Jordan Glenn & Cory Wright (37:10)

Audio & video captured by the peerless Myles Boisen.

The show is free, but donations are welcome and proceeds go to Black Organizing Project in Oakland + the newly minted Milford Graves Memorial Fund. Donate via PayPal: -or name-your-price at​​.

I can’t express how much I appreciate Karl for putting this festival together (and inviting us), and Jordan & Cory for being such impossibly gifted and sensitive musicians. For our set, we debuted 5 pieces composed during quarantine. It was such a relief and a gift to get to play music, in person, with my friends for the first time in a year and, last night, to feel a bit of the energy and community connection of gig night.

If you check it out, I hope you enjoy what you hear. Let’s do it again soon.