To The Marketplace!

I am extremely happy to announce that the new Nathan Clevenger Group album, Stateless, is going to be released on November 2nd, courtesy the fine folks at Slow & Steady Records.

Stateless is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp and the first single, “Sacada”, can be steamed/downloaded now. 

I am extremely pleased with how this album came out, and deeply proud to be presenting so much incredible playing from the musicians featured on the album: Kasey Knudsen, Cory Wright, Rachel Condry, Lisa Mezzacappa, Jon Arkin, Jason Levis, Tim DeCillis, and special guest Crystal Pascucci. I’ve worked with all of these folks for years now — some for well over a decade! — and I think that shared history is audible throughout. The album was recorded by the extremely talented John Finkbeiner and mastered by the brilliant Myles Boisen. My frequent collaborator Kim Miskowicz created some original artwork for the inside and back cover of the CD (reason enough to not just go digital!).

I hope that you will be moved to take a listen and perhaps purchase a copy; thank you for your support.

We have two album release shows on the books: 12/2/19 at the Makeout Room and 1/3/20 at the Temescal Arts Center. More on these soon.