The Nathan Clevenger Group Turns 40

40 gigs, that is.

Yes, dear friends and statistical enthusiasts/anomalies, according to the very official-looking memo I recently received from the crack NCG Statistical Analysis Team, our gig this Sunday (March 20th) will be our 40th. What better place to celebrate this milestone than the site of 10 of our 40 gigs, the lovely Café Royale?

I’m delighted to be joined by Aaron Novik (clarinets/36th NCG gig), Sam Bevan (bass/28th gig), Jon Arkin (drums/15th gig), Sylvain Carton (tenor sax & clarinet /10th gig), and Evan Francis (alto sax & flute / 1st gig). We’ll miss Kasey Knudsen (alto saxophonist of record and veteran of over 20 gigs) and Mitch Marcus (tenor emeritus).

Please check the gigs page for more info.

In semi-related news, I have been writing jazz reviews for the East Bay Express…check out my first efforts:

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