Tempus Fugit

Time to check in…tempus fugit, if I may quote famed Latin scholar Bud Powell…or was that bebop pianist Virgil? At any rate…the past weeks have seen a pair of intriguing gigs, one on each side of the bay.
Our latest Berkeley Arts Festival gig was a thrilling dash through songs from our upcoming sophomore album, aided by the return to the fold of tenor/clarinet player Sylvain Carton and the fact that we were honored to be sharing the evening with Aaron Bennett’s excellent ensemble (thanks to Phillip Greenlief for arranging this simpatico billing).
A week later, we were part of the Next Now! series in San Francisco, a gig that was notable for the debut of 3 new compositions and, best of all, the presence of Rebecca Kleinmann, flute/alto flute player extraordinaire. While Rebecca was subbing for Aaron Novik (on the east coast, touring with his crack Dante Counterstamp ensemble) this time, I can’t wait to integrate her into the full band, and it was an inspiration to write with her singular voice in mind. It was also fun to hear the great band GREX, who followed us on the bill. Alas, this gig also begged the zen-friendly question: if a band falls in the woods…
In other news:
– We recorded half of our sophomore album in May! I could not be more thrilled with what we’ve accomplished so far, and I’m eager for you to hear the final results. The 5 tunes recorded in May feature Kasey Knudsen, Aaron Novik, Evan Francis, Sam Bevan, Jon Arkin, and myself. The sessions was recorded by virtuoso recordist Eli Crews, who also recorded our first album. We will be recording the second half of the album this fall, with Sylvain Carton returning in place of Evan. Count on an early 2013 release, just in time to celebrate our 10th anniversary as a band.
– The aforementioned Evan Francis — flute/sax master — is moving to New York! We wish Evan the best of luck and can’t wait to connect with him again. If you’re a New York based jazz musician, you should hire Mr Francis. He’s the best jazz flute player alive, in my humble opinion, and a monster on the alto and tenor. He is also a pure delight as a person.
Thank you for reading.