Summer Reading (Optional)

Not much to note at the moment but I’ve always found a stale News page to be an eyesore and to somewhat erode my confidence in an artist’s corporeal existence. So, now that you’ve been properly advised that your valuable browsing time is probably better spent searching for cat videos, trying to instigate a mutually satisfying Twitter beef with your personal cultural critic bete noir (may I recommend that soft focus dimwit David Brooks, the Dave Matthews of the opinion pages?), or taking that irresistible click-bait quiz to determine ‘Which Ethnic Condiment’ your personality most closely resembles, here’s some fresh Nathan Clevenger Group quasi-news:

Over the past 2 months, my now-septet played tremendously enjoyable gigs at Spice Monkey (thanks, Oakland Freedom Jazz series!) and the Makeout Room (thanks, Makeout Monday series!), in which we have continued to debut new compositions at a frankly alarming pace. We welcomed new clarinetist Rachel Condry to the group, and she acquitted herself brilliantly, both as a musician and by sassing me almost immediately during our first rehearsal. Thanks to some typical summer scheduling hassles, my beloved full-blown Band Members (Kasey Knudsen, Sam Bevan, Jon Arkin, Cory Wright, and Jason Levis) were joined and/or subbed for by guest stars both familiar (tenor genius/adjunct band member Marcus Stephens, whom I just last night heard the equally mighty Evan Francis refer to, appropriately, as “the Howitzer”!) and brand new (trumpet master Ian Carey, boldly bring brass to a universe, errr, band where none had gone before).

As you may have noticed, the Group has now carried on with our double-drummer format for every 2015 gig and, barring scheduling or venue spacing issues, this is going to be our regular format going forward. Writing for both Jon Arkin and Jason Levis, and hearing how they blend, improvise, and gracefully handle/enliven even the most thorny written material, has been an incredibly and welcome source of compositional inspiration.

Speaking of double drummers and the heartbreak of E.C.D. (Excessive Composition Disorder), we are fat with new music and severely overdue to record our 3rd album. As I’ve run out of novel ways to open myself up to the possibility of public failure and humiliation, we’re almost certainly going to plunge into the world of crowd funding in the next few months, I’m deeply excited about the options we have for a potential track list and I think this will be a really interesting record and an important document of the group’s development. Expect the septet lineup on every tune (except that clarinet solo piece) and, if all goes according to plan, we are also planning on welcoming in a small handful of distinguished guests. When the crowd funding call goes out (I somehow imagine myself blowing into a conch shell?), I sincerely hope that you will consider contributing! More soon on this front, with a little luck.

As for gigs, I am not sure what’s next on the agenda — for the first time in recent memory, we having nothing on the books! It’s a disconcerting feeling, made more acute upon surveying the fairly grim Bay Area venue situation of the moment. Almost too many closures to keep track of — it feels like every week brings another. It would appear that SF brogrammers aren’t that into local (esp non-DJ) live music, period, while, across the bay, the carpetbagging hipster set seems ever more fully engaged in their efforts to wish Oakland into some kind of twee indie JV version of Williamsburg, NY circa 2004. Maybe there will be a spike of venues in Martinez?? We’ll see! If I’ve learned anything in my — gulp — 22 years as a musician performing in the Bay Area, the only constant is change. And riches. Two constants. I forgot.

Yours in Plenty,