Stateless Debrief

The Stateless album release gigs — at the Makeout Room in December and Temescal Arts Center in January — were genuinely affirming and successful events which left me feeling uncommonly…well…good! Thank you to everyone who participated and attended. Debuting a couple big new pieces at the TAC show was particularly gratifying and, all in all, I’m left eager to reconvene the band and get on to what’s next ASAP. I’m so proud of this record and also delighted beyond measure that it serves as a platform to showcase the extraordinary playing of my brilliant band mates. Needless to say, the album remains available for purchase here. If you like what we’re up to, please do consider purchasing a copy; each purchase (not each stream, mind you) is a vote for recording another album in the future.

As long as I’m indulging in some vainglorious prattling on, here’s a recent press quote for good measure:

“A guitarist and composer who has quietly honed an unusually rich repertoire of intricately constructed tunes for a singular ensemble brimming with outstanding improvisers, Oakland’s Nathan Clevenger is celebrating the release of his third album Stateless (Slow & Steady). It’s jazz-adjacent music laced with improvisational passages but defined by Clevenger’s tightly notated extended forms and thoughtfully lapidary textures. With up to nine players, the arrangements create an infinite variety of voicings that take full advantage of a nonpareil reed section with Kasey Knudsen (alto sax), Cory Wright (tenor sax, clarinet and flute), and Rachel Condry (bass clarinet and clarinet). Despite a masterly rhythm section with Lisa Mezzacappa (bass), Tim DeCillis (vibraphone and percussion), and Jon Arkin Jason Levis (drums and percussion), Clevenger’s music never feels busy or crowded.” – Andrew Gilbert, East Bay Express