Stateless and Ice Hours

Unposted and/or abandoned drafts of website news updates from the past few months litter my many, many notebooks…now hopelessly out of date, lost, and coffee-stained. It’s time to accept that I’m not going to find the time for the kind of witty and flowing prose I’d prefer to offer any time soon, so I might as well just drop a few bits of hopefully helpful news and leave it at that for now:


The Nathan Clevenger Group has finished the basic tracks for our 3rd album, Stateless. In May, I will return to the studio for a couple key overdubs (including appearances from a very special guest) and a whole lotta mixing. I am so pleased with the album; I think it is the best musical things I’ve ever been part of. I can’t wait for the world to hear the incredible playing of Kasey Knudsen, Jon Arkin, Cory Wright, Jason Levis, Rachel Condry, Lisa Mezzacappa, and Tim DeCillis and the masterful engineering of John Finkbeiner. I’m hoping to have this wrapped and out this summer; more soon.


March 7th saw the debut of the extended multimedia work Ice Hours at San Francisco’s Exploratorium. The piece features music composed by me and Kristina Dutton, original visuals by Camille Seaman, and video editing/manipulation by Kim Miskowicz; for the debut, the score was performed by Kristina, Sarah Jo Zaharako, Eric Perney, Jordan Glenn, Tim DeCillis, Majel Connery, and yours truly. We subsequently recorded a studio version of most of the score and the film + recorded music is on display at the Exploratorium now through mid-May; go check it out, if you’re curious. I think we’ll be releasing the score in some form sooner or later; I’m happy with how it came out.


Earlier this week, I played a show w the latest version of my shape-shifting Book of Exits ensemble. Formed to have a small unit that can perform new music and arrangements of pieces from the books of all of my various bands, and to have an excuse to reunite w Aaron Novik whenever he is in town, the latest version featured Kasey Knudsen, Cory Wright, and Jon Arkin; we also played a gig in December with Cory, Jon, and Aaron.


What’s next, beyond releasing some records? I dunno. Got a gig for me?