One Year Closer to ‘The Future’

2016, is it? Can’t say I am thrilled with starting the year losing 2 huge inspirations and true heavyweights, Paul Bley and Pierre Boulez (I wouldn’t want to be Pat Betheny right now), but let’s try to get past that.


In good (and relevant, assuming you are reading this by choice) news, I started the year off with the debut of a new ensemble, Elective Infinities. The band features 4 of my favorite musicians, Sarah Zaharako (violin), Aram Shelton (alto sax/clarinet), Eric Perney (bass), and Britt Ciampa (drums/percussion). I’ve played with Eric and Aram a lot over the years, in assorted bands and as frequent subs in my main ensemble. This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure to play with Britt and the first time with Sarah, outside of the occasional large ensemble thing. The music is less extensively scored than my normal music and the pieces are more open and, more or less, never swing. Inspiration is taken from the likes of Stanislaw Lem, Kim Stanley Robinson, Henry Cow, and Werner Herzog. Sometimes it is grandiose in a funny way. Sometimes it is delicate and mournful. It’s sort of sci fi music, but not terribly respectful about it. It was a pleasure writing a new set of music with them in mind, and the debut gig (1/4 at the Makeout Room) was a fun start to something I plan to keep going. Look for – or offer us — more gigs this year!


My eponymous septet is going to be making our 2016 debut at Oakland’s Studio Grand on February 29th. So, in case you were stressing about having an appropriately significant Leap Day activity, we’ve got you covered. Lots of recent and new music debuting with this group of late and I’m really excited about this moment in our long history. For the 2/29 gig, we’re joined on the bill by the great trio Aunt Rose (Jordan Glenn, Crystal Pascucci, and Mark Clifford). I also expect my septet to be joined by a couple special guests on a tune or two. Please don’t miss this one! It’s the first gig by this group with no subs (worthy though those players are!) whatsoever in many, many months!


Hopefully more news soon on upcoming recording plans for the Clevenger Group.


I hope your year is off to a good start. Be safe out there, P.B.’s and otherwise.