October Idyll

Apparently we are taking a couple months off — awkward for me to find out this way, but that’s ok. I thought I’d stop in, blow the dust off the blinds, and share what passes for news.

We had lots of fun playing deep cuts from our songbook in various quartet configurations of the Group at Jupiter every week in August. Looking to play some of the brand new music I’ve been working on this fall with the full septet before the end of the year, if the cruel and capricious dual gods of Booking and Scheduling allow.

In other news, I’m writing music for a new ensemble — a quintet featuring alto sax/clarinet, bass, drums, violin, and yours truly on guitar and miscellany. And everyone will be occasionally shaking and rattling various percussion implements. The players — some veteran collaborators and some new to my music — have all agreed to participate in this new “Gratuitous Narcissistic Pseudo-Musical Experiment Utilizing Live Human Subjects” (to borrow a favorite song title from one of my all time favorite composers, Graham Connah) and I hope it will see the light of day in the near future.

That’s all I’ve got. Any questions from the audience? No? Great.