Observatory 2013

Coming your way, Summer 2013…

Observatory, the 2nd album by the Nathan Clevenger Group!

Featuring Kasey Knudsen, Sam Bevan, Jon Arkin, Aaron Novik, Sylvain Carton, Evan Francis, Cory Wright and Jason Levis.

10 original compositions by Nathan Clevenger.

Recorded by the incomparable Eli Crews.

Art by the amazing Kim Miskowicz.

This is the 10th anniversary of the west coast NCG…Novel shows* in the offing…actual effort and everything! Golly…

 Thank you.

 Please stand by…

* – but, rest assured dear reader, not novel in the Big Time Jazz Festival X/SF Jazz sense in which nirvana takes the form of marketing-driven All Star aggregates and ill-fitting guest stars, turning nearly every prominent jazz gig into a faux event that inevitably devolves into jam session strategies rather than the kind or working band coherence that once made jazz so vital.