News will out…

Hello and thanks for stopping in.

With our post-Center for New Music vacation coming to an end late this month, allow me to ramble about things to come:

On September 1st, the Nathan Clevenger Group (Kasey Knudsen, Cory Wright, Aaron Novik, Sam Bevan & Jon Arkin) will be making another appearance as part of the Makeout Monday series at the Makeout Room (in the Mission, SF). This is a long-running series and a great hang that we’re always profoundly happy to participate in. It’s always fun to hear the other bands on the bill and I’m sure this edition will be no exception.

On October 12th, we play our final gig at the Berkeley Arts space on University Ave in Berkeley, closing shop at the end of the month. This has been a great venue for us since 2011, hosting a number of gigs by the Group (including the CD release gig for our 2nd album) as well as several smaller ensembles I’ve put together (most recently the trio of Kasey, Michael Coleman and myself). All around musical master and scene lynchpin Phillip Greenlief has been unceasingly generous and supportive in bringing us into this venue and programming such great music overall. Thanks, PG!

For this last Berkeley Arts gig, the regular Group will be joined by Jordan Glenn on vibraphone for the full set! We experimented with this septet lineup on a couple of tunes at our last gig and I liked it so much that we’re going to try to make it a semi-regular thing. We’ll be playing a set of new and recent tunes and sharing a bill with the great, ever-vital Lost Trio (Greenlief/Seamans/Hassett, as you most likely know).

If that’s not enough, we’ll also be playing a fun gig at Jupiter in Berkeley on August 23rd, in a unique quintet version of the band featuring regulars Kasey Knudsen and Jon Arkin as well as Aram Shelton (clarinet & tenor sax) and Eric Perney (bass), a couple of great players, both of whom have joined us a number of times over the years. Jupiter gigs are a great chance for us to spread out over the course of 3 sets, indulge in longer solos and revisit older tunes we rarely play on other gigs. Also, beer!

I love playing sideman gigs and it’s been very much my honor to become a member – or adjunct faculty, at least – of Karl Evangelista’s Host Family this year. Karl is a phenomenal guitarist and composer and this long-running group also features the magical rhythm section of Jason Hoopes and Jordan Glenn. Every gig with this band has been an outright thrashing blast and I get my 3rd shot at Berkeley Arts on October 22nd. You should see this band!

Finally, I’m just now beginning to conceptualize and plan/budget for Nathan Clevenger Group album number 3. I’m hoping it will be done and released within the next 12 months (ambition!). The plan at the moment is for half of the album to feature the sextet while the other adds Jordan Glenn on vibes & percussion. Wish us luck and forgive us if our trespasses take the form of a crowd funding drive in the near future.

Thank you for reading.