Mixing it Up

In an earlier post, I promised “novel gigs” and, dear friends, skeptics and wags, as we near the halfway point of 2013, I think we can say I have been as good as my word. 2 particular upcoming examples for your consideration:

1. Berkeley Arts Festival, Wednesday, May 29th: a new quartet with Kasey Knudsen, Sam Bevan and Crystal Pascucci!


Kasey, Sam and I have been playing the occasional trio gig, including earlier this year at Jupiter. In these gigs, we generally tackle reductions of pieces for my sextet, attempting to cover all the essential parts at half-size and without the support of a drummer. We all seem to agree that these gigs are utterly terrifying…but also a fascinating challenge. We’ll up the ante this time by inviting along Crystal, a cello player I have admired and wanted to play with for some time. Our rehearsal was a lot of fun and we’ll be debuting 2 new pieces that I’m very pleased with.


2. Jupiter, Saturday, June 22nd: family reunion time with Evan Francis and a whole new rhythm section!

Sax/flute genius Evan Francis played with the band for a very productive period (documented on our forthcoming album), before moving to New York. He’s one of my favorite musicians and he and Kasey have a very special musical connection that I can’t wait to bask in for 3 sets. Along with Kasey and Evan, this gig will see us welcome two great musicians into the fold, bassist Doug Stuart and drummer Jordan Glenn. These are two guys I’ve long wanted to play with and whose playing I admire a great deal (Jordan is also one of my favorite bay area composer/bandleaders), so this should be a really fun night.

Hope to see you out there…more news soon and maybe even an album preview…