I Could Never Forget You

Been a minute, as the early middle aged say — excuse my neglect.

Let’s get to the key facts first before plunging into my patented prattle, probable-pablum, and esoterica.

The next Nathan Clevenger Group gig is September 1st at Oakland’s delightful Octopus Literary Salon. We played the Octopus in May and loved it, so it’s very exciting coming back for more. And not just because the book store part of the operation includes a ‘Seafaring’ section. We’ll be playing as part of a double-bill beginning at 8 PM, following an early-evening poetry reading! I say come for the whole evening. The Group for the evening will be a unique mix of regulars, newcomers, and visiting friends: Kasey Knudsen (alto sax), Rachel Condry (clarinets), Ian Carey (trumpet), Lisa Mezzacappa (bass), Jason Levis (drums), Tim DeCillis (vibraphone), and yours truly. Good times in downtown Oakland — please come lend your ear and support to a most worthy venue.

Later in September — 9/25, to be exact — we’ve been asked to be part of this year’s SF Music Day, a massive all-day festival organized by the SF Friends of Chamber Music. This is an honor and a thrill, particularly in light of the collection of amazing ensembles joining us on the bill. Not sure if the full lineup is public yet, but please├é┬ámark your calendar, watch their website, and expect to hear more about this from me as well. Our slot will be 5:30-6:15 in the Taube Theater. More information on all this very soon. Expect new material…thrills…you know the deal.

In sideman news, I am always exceedingly proud to play a gig with the quartet Host Family (Karl Evangelista, Jason Hoopes, Jordan Glenn, and me), and we are back at it on 8/4 at the Hemlock Tavern. This bill is incredible — we’re joined by Duo B and PG13 — and it’s going to be fun bringing our duel guitar attack and peerless rhythm section duo to a club I haven’t played in many years. We’re also debuting my first tune composed for the band. I love this band…come on out, San Franciscans!

Now, for the more free form or big picture news…

As I’ve whinged about elsewhere, we’ve had some personnel tumult in recent months, with band members moving away — indefinitely (Sam Bevan) and temporarily (Cory Wright) — and being taken out of the rotation by touring and the like (Jon Arkin). As a result, we’ve been welcoming some special musicians we admire into the band, including Tim DeCillis (vibes/percussion), Crystal Pascucci (cello), and Ian Carey (trumpet). I say expect to see more of this for the rest of the year, at least. I hate to see key players leave, but having an excuse/the necessity to welcome new players and even instruments into the ensemble is always an enjoyable and illuminating challenge.

Speaking of personnel fleeing town, my relatively new band, Elective Infinities, has been decimated by the exit of Britt Ciampa (right when I finally learned to pronounce his last name correctly too!) and the impending departure of the essential Aram Shelton. The bay area will miss these amazing players terribly, I daresay, and I’m not sure what this portends for Elective Infinities, beyond a necessary hiatus for the moment. We’ll see.

But it’s not all exits, and there is also a new trio in the early conceptual stages, so perhaps that will be heard from sooner or later? Why am I asking you? This is spiraling…thanks for reading…transmission over.