Fall Dispatch

Greetings from a rare rainy day. I figured it was as good a time as any to post a bit of a news update, particularly as we’re going dark for a couple months (barring something unexpected, it appears the NC Group has played our final gig of 2016).


Here’s a progress report in 2 sections.


WHAT”S HAPPENING (now & soon)



I’ve recently started a new collaboration with the immensely talented violinist Kristina Dutton. Our first joint effort found us composing and recording a score for a short film documenting the early stages of squid development, created by a distinguished UC Berkeley professor. I’ll share less cryptic information on this – and hopefully a link to the finished product – when it’s all made public. Kristina and I will be appearing with the film and filmmakers at a panel at UCB in the coming weeks as well.


I’m very happy with what we came up with for what we termed the ‘Squidvid’ score, particularly as the sounds we coaxed out of our collection of violins, pianos, organs, endless percussion implements, and the like is so very different from the samey, often strictly computer-music based scores I hear on so many science/nature docs. Kristina and I are planning to continue developing this collaboration and we’re on the lookout for any interested filmmakers or visual artists looking for some unique soundtrack music!



I’ve started creating a book of music for a new trio, featuring my frequent collaborator Jordan Glenn (percussion genius) and the aforementioned Miss Dutton (violin). It will be quite a departure from my Group, I think. Please come confirm this suspicion along with me at our debut gig, December 1st at Berkeley Arts! More on this band soon.



My brilliant friend, Rabbi David Kasher, is the host of a podcast called Parsha Nut wherein, to put it reductively, our intrepid host shares field reports from his intensive survey of the Torah. Beginning with the last episode of October, each episode will feature an introduction that includes a bit of music from the most recent Nathan Clevenger Group album. I’m thrilled to be involved in this small way! Take a listen — you can find the podcast on iTunes and elsewhere.




At the end of September, the Nathan Clevenger Group was honored to be part of SF Music Day, an amazing and sprawling festival presented by SF Friends of Chamber Music. It was a thrill to share a bill with so many talented artists and colleagues. It seems much of the event was filmed so hopefully we’ll get some clips posted sooner or later. Thanks to everyone who made time to catch our set and say hello and, of course, to our brave and generous hosts.


That is all.