Enter the Lion (March News)

Thanks for stopping by for a quick dose of news re: happenings recent and ongoing.

On February 6th, the Nathan Clevenger Group made our 2017 debut at San Francisco’s Makeout Room. These days, it is rare to play in a venue in San Francisco with this kind of tenure…or, for that matter, to play in a venue in San Francisco, full stop! The Makeout Monday series is always a good hang and we enjoyed debuting some new music and seeing some old friends. Speaking of which, with Cory Wright out of the country and by the grace of a rare scheduling confluence, we had a grand opportunity to welcome back clarinetist Aaron Novik, visiting from New York. Aaron originated the role of Clevenger Group clarinetist on our first gig back in 2003 and played over 50 gigs as a member of the band before leaving town. It was great having his artistry and personality back in the mix.

February also saw the launch of the revamped version of my Elective Infinities ensemble. With 2 members departing for other states/counties respectively, we added Phillip Greenlief (reeds) and Robert Lopez (drums) to the returning trio of Sarah Zaharako (violin), Eric Perney (bass) and yours truly. It was a very fun first gig and a pleasure to share The Uptown stage with our wildly talented friend Zachary James Watkins and the legendary Larry Ochs/Donald Robinson duo. Many thanks to the surprisingly healthy Valentine’s Day crowd and to the great folks at the Active Music Series for hosting. We dug into some tunes from EI 1.0 and a couple debuts as well and I’m looking forward to hearing the new lineup develop.

I’m currently in the midst of my next film scoring project with Kristina Dutton, this time for a very interesting film by a local visual artist touching on the effects of climate change on coastal cities, using a very innovative and unusual approach to the material. More on this as it coheres – should be rather interesting!

Nothing on the gig calendar at the moment, but I aim to rectify that ASAP. More on that soon, with a little luck.

Be safe out there.