Behold Our New Album / Come Celebrate With Us

Hello, hello, glad tidings, hear ye, etc…

Please join me and my band this Wednesday — October 16th — to officially celebrate the release of our 2nd album, Observatory. We’ll be playing a very special set at the Berkeley Arts space and it would mean a lot if you could come give a listen and help us celebrate the release of an album I’m extremely proud of. We’re doing a lot to make this a unique and memorable gig worth your while. I’ll lay out some of the details in the Bonus Features section below, but first just the basic details:

Where: 2133 University Ave (between Shattuck & Oxford, downtown Berkeley)

When: 8 pm

How much: some sort of reasonable sliding scale arrangement

 The band:

Kasey Knudsen (alto sax)

Cory Wright (tenor sax, clarinet)

Aaron Novik (bass clarinet, clarinet)

Sam Bevan (bass)

Jon Arkin (drums)

Nathan Clevenger (guitar)

+ Jason Levis (guest percussion/drums)

Sharing the bill:  Jason Levis Trio w/ Cory Wright & Rob Ewing!

 Bonus Features / For Your Consideration:

* Not only are we celebrating the new album, we are also celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Nathan Clevenger Group! We debuted in Berkeley (the late lamented Jazz House/Tuva) on November 3rd, 2003. 10 years…wow. Historians will note that Sam and Aaron were on that very first gig.

* The great percussionist Jason Levis is in town from Berlin and will be playing with us for more than half of our set! Jason plays marimba on a tune on the album and has played drums in the band on several occasions over the years. He’s also opening the show with a great trio of his own featuring Cory and master trombone player Rob Ewing.

* Aaron Novik has been taking some time off from playing live for the past year and we are extremely happy to have him sitting in on this gig! Aaron plays on half of the new album and it will be a thrill to reunite for this show.

* With the lamentable end of our Awaken Cafe residency, this is the last gig the full sextet has on the calendar at the moment. If there’s one thing we on the local scene (as players and listeners) have learned over and over, it’s come check out bands you like when and while you can!

* The new CD will be for sale! Probably too obvious to qualify as an actual feature, but hey, it’s better than any of the celebratory limericks I’ve written this week. Trust me.

Thank you so much for reading and for your support over the years. We hope to see you on Wednesday. If you can’t make it, the CD will be for sale via this website within the next week. Please check back and thank you for your interest.