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Stateless and Ice Hours

Unposted and/or abandoned drafts of website news updates from the past few months litter my many, many notebooks…now hopelessly out of date, lost, and coffee-stained. It’s time to accept that I’m not going to find the time for the kind of witty and flowing prose I’d prefer to offer any time soon, so I might […]

Band of Record

The Nathan Clevenger Group, following our 1.15.19 performance at the California Jazz Conservatory’s new Rendon Hall, and a couple days prior to heading into New, Improved Recording to track album number 3.  

Boulez on Debussy

Boulez on my hero Debussy — expressing my own thoughts on/general approach to composition about as well as I can imagine: (From Stephen Walsh’s new Debussy: A Painter in Sound.)

Happy birthday, Charles Mingus!

You taught me how to read. And, judging by an item I saw in the ‘More Than a Fakebook’ publication that was the corporeal vector through which this dubious posthumous pedagogy was accomplished — in many a late night, technically-illegally commandeered UCSC music building piano room — you also taught a tuxedo cat how to […]

A Guide for the Perplexed

April and June are going to be busy (by my standards) gigging months, so I thought I’d lay out the basic details here, for those keeping score at home – I hope to see you out and about at one of more of these performances:   APRIL 2nd NATHAN CLEVENGER GROUP (unabridged, unwieldy critical edition) […]

La Que Suena

A piece of original music composed and performed by Kristina Dutton and myself functions as the score to the first edition of a short film series created by Labocine. This film is directed by Alexis Gambis. I’ve attached a short preview (also scored by a bit of our music) — the full short can currently […]

The Future, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Greetings, people of 2018.   The big news of the year in my musical world is the debut (2/5 at the Makeout Room) of my new ensemble, Ashen Cleric. The band includes Crystal Pascucci, Jordan Glenn, Cory Wright, and Tim DeCillis, all players I’ve been a fan of for a long time. I’ve had the […]

When 10 musicians is just not enough…

Too busy for more exhaustive blather, but here’s a quick note:   Tonight – 11/3/17 — is the night and Berkeley’s California Jazz Conservatory is the place. The great trumpeter/composer Ian Carey and I present lots of original music for our respective groups and then combine forces for 2 debut pieces for the collected 11-piece […]

Enter the Lion (March News)

Thanks for stopping by for a quick dose of news re: happenings recent and ongoing. On February 6th, the Nathan Clevenger Group made our 2017 debut at San Francisco’s Makeout Room. These days, it is rare to play in a venue in San Francisco with this kind of tenure…or, for that matter, to play in […]

Good News/Bad News

Two quick updates: The bad: I just learned that the Berkeley Arts space is being sold which means the cancellation of our 12.1 trio gig. This project will regroup and find a new debut gig soon, I hope.   The good: You can now view the squid video I mentioned in my last post, featuring […]