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5 June 2020

As you may know, today is another Bandcamp Day, which means all proceeds from music you purchase goes directly to artists, many of whom are passing them along to the causes they support. I’m directing proceeds to Campaign Zero ( and Communities for a Better Environment ( This includes sales of the newly released studio […]

don’t know where / don’t know when…

None of us are sure when either day-job work or gigs will return…scary times. If you’re in a position to do so, and feel like it — and if you’re not already directing all of your cash to worthy causes like Cat Town or Temescal Arts Center — please feel encouraged to purchase a copy […]

You win this round…

The Ashen Cleric gig scheduled for March 24th, 2020 at the California Jazz Conservatory has been postponed on account of plague. Hopefully we’ll have a new date sooner or later. Be safe out there.

‘for dcb’ 2/20/20 @ CJM

Tomorrow night — Thursday 2/20 — I will be at the SF Contemporary Jewish Museum, presenting the premiere performance of an extended work for quintet, dedicated to the late, great poet/musician/polemicist David Berman.  Admission is free and our performance begins in the YOD Gallery (2nd floor) at 7 PM sharp. The ensemble is:    Cory […]

Stateless Debrief

The Stateless album release gigs — at the Makeout Room in December and Temescal Arts Center in January — were genuinely affirming and successful events which left me feeling uncommonly…well…good! Thank you to everyone who participated and attended. Debuting a couple big new pieces at the TAC show was particularly gratifying and, all in all, […]

Come ye!

Stateless Liner Notes 10/10: Mornings In Feudal Japan

I feel like I have discussed this tune’s origin frequently over the years, but that may just be because it is the oldest piece on the album, by a significant margin. Debuting way back in 2010, ‘Mornings in Feudal Japan’ went through an extensive retooling process over the years, as I worked to hone the […]

Stateless Liner Notes 9/10: Sabina Begins

I had a line at the beginning of the initial draft of the previous liner notes entry suggesting that it would be a short one and a nice break after the previous, 1140-word, entry. So, yeah…that didn’t happen; ‘Lesser Roses’ got all caught up in flute music and somehow crossed the 1300-word line. Sorry. This […]

Stateless Liner Notes 8/10: Lesser Roses

The first thing you should know about ‘Lesser Roses’ is that it has gone by several different names, so you know right away that it is not to be trusted. When I write on an instrument, I write 90% of my music at the piano, and this tune definitely originated as and remains a piano […]

Stateless Liner Notes 7/10: The Ballad of Bruce Bochte

(A continuing series of quasi-liner notes for each tune on the new Nathan Clevenger Group album, Stateless, available for purchase here.) “I wanted to play my bebop as loose as possible and I wanted to play my free music as tight as possible.” – Alvin Fielder Bruce Bochte was a solid if perhaps unspectacular 1st […]