And we’re off…

Hey, thanks for stopping by. The editorial We are slowly but surely getting this site populated with some basic info and assorted ephemera. I am confident that my natural inclination — nay — gift for clutter will eventually overwhelm my lack of tech savvy and this will be a hopping site. For the moment, you’ll find a brief bio/pontification combo (see About), upcoming shows, photos from assorted gigs & recording sessions, and links to the websites of some of my key collaborators (who also double as some of my favorite people). You’ll also find a small selection of streaming tracks from our debut album as well as some rough recordings of live rarities.

I should mention that we have recently been pleased to receive two mentions in the wide world of the web. The first is a feature article about the Bay Area jazz scene in which we are, well, featured. You can check it out at The Bold Italic. The second is a review of our debut album (see the sidebar on the right) at the Tough Customer blog. Excellent.

Also, we’re working on arranging some sort of CD Release-type gig in the coming months, so hopefully that will be listed on the Gigs page soon.

Have a look around, and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think and what you like or dislike. We’re always happy to talk shop and/or shit.