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Stateless Liner Notes 8/10: Lesser Roses

The first thing you should know about ‘Lesser Roses’ is that it has gone by several different names, so you know right away that it is not to be trusted. When I write on an instrument, I write 90% of my music at the piano, and this tune definitely originated as and remains a piano […]

Stateless Liner Notes 7/10: The Ballad of Bruce Bochte

(A continuing series of quasi-liner notes for each tune on the new Nathan Clevenger Group album, Stateless, available for purchase here.) “I wanted to play my bebop as loose as possible and I wanted to play my free music as tight as possible.” – Alvin Fielder Bruce Bochte was a solid if perhaps unspectacular 1st […]

Stateless Liner Notes 6/10: Eucalyptus

STATELESS LINER NOTES 6/10: Eucalyptus This tune is one of several specifically Oakland based stories on this album. People who know my personal history and see the title of our previous song — ‘Things We Kept from the Fire” — have asked if that song is about my house burning down when I was a […]

Stateless Liner Notes 5/10: Things We Kept from the Fire

“This is the Hour of Lead – Remembered, if outlived, As Freezing persons, recollect the Snow – First – Chill – then Stupor – then the letting go”  – Emily Dickinson The ballad “Things We Kept from the Fire” is a bittersweet farewell and something of a cleansing ritual. Since that about as much as […]

Stateless Liner Notes 4/10: Nash Hotel 2046

(A continuing series of quasi-liner notes for each tune on the new Nathan Clevenger Group album, Stateless, available for purchase here.) And now, for those following along at home, we go from the album’s shortest tune to its longest. Not coincidentally, the former ends on the very same note with which we begin the latter. […]

Stateless Liner Notes 3/10: Rain Catalog

STATELESS LINER NOTESPost 3 of 10: Rain Catalog And here we all drop out and leave Cory Wright alone on the stage. First take, I should note! Although it was always intended to be adaptable to a variety of solo instruments, Rain Catalog began life as a cello prelude. No doubt this piece’s transition to life as […]

Stateless Liner Notes 2/10: Sacada

STATELESS LINER NOTESPost 2 of 10: Sacada ‘Sacada (lit. “displacement”) A move in which one partner deliberately invades the other’s floor space, stepping close to or into the place their partner is currently occupying, thus displacing them. This often causes the partner’s free leg to describe an arc along the floor. There may or may […]

Stateless Liner Notes 1/10: Difficult Clocks

STATELESS LINER NOTESPost 1 of 10: Difficult Clocks Prelude:OK, as threatened, here is the first in a series of quasi-liner notes, devoted to each song on the new Nathan Clevenger Group album. I’ll be going in album-order, hopefully dropping every couple of days leading up to our 12/2 gig at the Makeout Room. Please note: […]