2012: past & future

Greetings, people of the future (I am assuming you are not currently reading over my shoulder as I type).

I am striving to provide more frequent website updates this year (please note that the Gig page is always up-to-date – don’t let the occasionally moldy nature of the main page news fool you), so here are a few bits of possibly interesting information:

– First and foremost, we are delighted to be returning to the Makeout Room’s Monday night series (curated by Lisa Mezzacappa and Darren Johnston) on Monday, March 5th. This is going to be an unusual gig for us, in that all 4 of our recent horn players – Aaron Novik, Kasey Knudsen, Sylvain Carton and Evan Francis — will be on the gig, making the Group a septet for the first time. It’s an embarrassment of reed riches. We play first, at about 8:30, and there is no cover. Please come check out what might be a one-time-only lineup. See the Gigs page for more info.

– An early 2012 highlight was the latest installment of our annual double-bill with Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch. This year, we tried a San Francisco venue, namely the wonderful and mysterious Viracocha. If you get a chance, do check this place out. I hope that we’ll play there again at some point. The gig went well and we were lucky enough to receive nice pre-gig and post-gig blurbs in the East Bay Express and the Memory Select blog.

– The big news for later in the year: the Nathan Clevenger Group will be recording our 2nd album! The plan is to record in the spring and early winter with the goal of getting the thing finished and pressed in time for 2013. This vague release date has some significance, as 2013 marks the 10 year anniversary of the west coast Nathan Clevenger Group. Yikes. We have a lot of music we’re eager to record and I’m looking forward to heading into the studio with Kasey Knudsen, Aaron Novik, Sam Bevan, Jon Arkin, Evan Francis, Sylvain Carton, and Eli Crews.

– Finally, I am the quasi-composer-in-residence for the recently-launched 1000 Fathoms podcast. The Baltimore-based podcast is focused on self-sufficiency/D.I.Y. aesthetics/efforts, and I’m staying true to the theme by providing music that is entirely written, played and recorded by me, in my apartment, using whatever instruments I have lying around. It’s been an interesting challenge creating small, simple, often goofy pieces appropriate for the context and a lot of fun experimenting with a working method that is so quick and simple compared to the work I do composing for my main musical gig. It’s also stretched my limited vibraphone chops a bit and taught me that brushes on a cardboard box can be very effective drums. You can check out 1,000 Fathoms here and some of my music for this series here.

Thanks for reading.