Nathan Clevenger, Jordan Glenn & Cory Wright – Santa Cruz, CA – 04/09/22 – Indexical

Nathan Clevenger, Jordan Glenn & Cory Wright
20:00 - All Ages Buy Tickets
Indexical at the Tannery Arts Center
1050 River St., #119
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

New Album Pre-Sale

‘i had a dream about amnesia’ presents two suites of new music, composed and recorded during the Covid-19 quarantine; you can find it here.

‘Five Memos from the New Millennium (for Lee Konitz)’ is a series of 5 pieces composed for soloists and duos to perform at home during lockdown. The suite is dedicated to the recently deceased alto saxophone giant, with a side of inspiration (and title/conceptual help) from Italo Calvino’s similarly titled lecture series. I was honored to write these pieces for some of my favorite collaborators and musicians: Sam Bevan, Mark Clifford, John Finkbeiner, Kasey Knudsen, Lisa Mezzacappa, Beth Schenck, and Cory Wright.

The second half of ‘i had a dream about amnesia’ presents a suite of moody pieces for trio, composed on plague themes, and premiered as part of the online festival, Unsolitary Music Series (produced by the crucial Karl Evangelista). The trio consists of Jordan Glenn, Cory Wright, and me, and we were recorded live in the studio by the great Myles Boisen.
The album also includes original artwork by my longtime collaborator Kim Miskowicz. I hope that you’ll consider ordering the album — available in CD and digital formats. Two tracks are available now and the full album will be released on January 21st.

Thanks for reading.

Watch Some New Music

For those who missed the live streamed premiere of Unsolitary II on May 5th, you can catch it on YouTube now.

Set 1: Kim Nucci

Set 2: Lewis Jordan & Karl Evangelista (16:15)

Set 3: Nathan Clevenger Trio w Jordan Glenn & Cory Wright (37:10)

Audio & video captured by the peerless Myles Boisen.

The show is free, but donations are welcome and proceeds go to Black Organizing Project in Oakland + the newly minted Milford Graves Memorial Fund. Donate via PayPal: -or name-your-price at​​.

I can’t express how much I appreciate Karl for putting this festival together (and inviting us), and Jordan & Cory for being such impossibly gifted and sensitive musicians. For our set, we debuted 5 pieces composed during quarantine. It was such a relief and a gift to get to play music, in person, with my friends for the first time in a year and, last night, to feel a bit of the energy and community connection of gig night.

If you check it out, I hope you enjoy what you hear. Let’s do it again soon.


Nathan Clevenger Trio @ Unsolitary 2 – 05/08/21 – Online Streaming

Nathan Clevenger Trio @ Unsolitary 2

All Ages
Online Streaming (map)
Other Info
Time and link TBA

Online Live Chat w Michelle Amador – 04/27/21 – Online Streaming

Online Live Chat w Michelle Amador
All Ages
Online Streaming (map)

Gigs, More or Less, and a New Album!

A few pieces of news and my first real gig/gig-type events in some time, for your consideration:

A week from today, on April 27th, I will be making an appearance on a weekly live streaming show hosted by the great singer/songwriter/pianist, Michelle Amador. Michelle is a fantastic host and her format is a loose chat about creativity during the quarantine, with a chance for the guests to present snippets of works in progress. I expect to share glimpses of some fun upcoming work — including new music and a trailer for a new film collaboration — so please do tune in live, as I don’t believe it will be available after the fact. You can find out more and join Michelle’s mailing list here.

On May 8th, the second installment of the streaming Unsolitary Music Fest will be online, by the grace of the talented and tireless Karl Evangelista. One of the 3 acts featured is my new trio, featuring longtime collaborators Cory Wright and Jordan Glenn. We were recorded — socially distanced but in person! — by the great Myles Boisen at his Oakland studio. The set is all new music written during — and mostly about — the quarantine experience. It was absolutely incredible to be making music in real time with other musicians for the first time in a year. More details on this soon! 

Within the next month or two, I will be releasing a new album, Five Memos from the New Millennium. Five Memos is a suite of pieces I composed for musicians sheltering in place, dedicated to personal musical hero, and Covid casualty, Lee Konitz. Comprised of solos and duos, the pieces were recorded by some of my favorite musicians, specifically Kasey Knudsen, Sam Bevan, Lisa Mezzacappa, John Finkbeiner, Cory Wright, Beth Schenck, and Mark Clifford. I can’t wait for you to hear this! More on the release date soon.

Thank you for reading.

Hello, Strangers

I trust there is not much mystery regarding the silence here, but it seems like as good a time as any to offer a brief rundown of some recent projects as well as a glimpse of what’s coming up in early 2021.

Since we’ve been sheltering in place, I’ve been writing as much music as I can. The necessary focus was not always available — given the 2020 of it all — but I’m trying. 

The first public evidence of this work is a duo piece written for bassist Lisa Mezzacappa and guitarist John Finkbeiner. Lisa and John were kind enough to record this as part of a remote concert for BAM/PFA. You can watch their performance here; my tune is called ‘Quickness’ and is the first piece performed. I can’t thank the amazing John and Lisa enough, not to mention the crucial BAM/PFA, which has played a major role in my education (film in particular) going back to high school.

Another piece written during quarantine, Mare Insularum, was recorded by the incredibly versatile and talented Mitch Marcus. You can purchase this EP on Bandcamp.

I have also completed a new score for a short film by my frequent collaborator, Kim Miskowicz. The film is called ‘Undercover Orbit’ and it should be available to the public soon; more on that when it drops, as they say. I recorded most of the music at home, but was also helped out by key socially distanced contributions from dear friends/Nathan Clevenger Group mainstays Kasey Knudsen and Jason Levis.

There is also another album length project nearing completion, a 5 part suite dedicated to the great Lee Konitz, one of too many masters we lost in 2020. The Mezzacappa/Finkbeiner piece above is part of this suite, and I am eager to share the recordings of the rest of the movements, featuring some of my favorite musicians alive in solo or duo settings.

Finally, just last month, I released the first live album by the Nathan Clevenger Group. Live at Rendon Hall is available now via Bandcamp and features a full set captured in 2019, just prior to recording our last proper album, Stateless. I can’t begin to express how much I miss playing with the 7 musicians on this album, and I hope you’ll take a listen.

Thank you for your interest and I hope that you and your loved ones are staying as healthy and sane as the times allow.

Until soon,

Nathan Clevenger Group – Oakland, CA – 06/11/20 – Temescal Arts Center

Nathan Clevenger Group
All Ages
511 48th St
Oakland, CA 94609

5 June 2020

As you may know, today is another Bandcamp Day, which means all proceeds from music you purchase goes directly to artists, many of whom are passing them along to the causes they support. I’m directing proceeds to Campaign Zero ( and Communities for a Better Environment ( This includes sales of the newly released studio recording of Ice Hours, a multimedia project from last year (co-composed w Kristina Dutton, visuals by Kim Miskowicz & Camille Seaman). Please follow the links above to learn more about these organizations and the Ice Hours Bandcamp page can be found here. Thank you.

Ashen Cleric – Oakland, CA – 04/20/20 – Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS

Ashen Cleric
All Ages
150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612